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What is the difference between a glass-lined condenser and a cooler

Time: 2021-02-04

Glass-lined condensers and coolers are used as refrigeration equipment and are one of the important parts of the heat exchange process, and they are widely used. Many customers are curious about the difference between a glass-lined condenser and a cooler when purchasing a glass-lined condenser, so come to carefully observe the difference between a glass-lined condenser and a cooler. After comparison, it can be found that the cooler has no phase change, while the glass-lined condenser has a phase change; and the pipeline entering and exiting the cooler will not change. Generally, the diameter of the inlet and outlet is different, and the inlet and outlet are different. The pipe diameter of the glass condenser has changed a lot, so it is relatively simple to look at.

Secondly, when comparing glass-lined condensers and coolers, they have different baffle settings. Generally, glass-lined condensers are set up on the left and right, while coolers are set up and down, which also leads to them. The heat transfer coefficient is different.

There are liquid level gauges and liquid level control ports on the center cooler of the electric flat car but not on the glass-lined condenser; the steam inlet and outlet on the intercooler are on the upper part of the container and the pipe diameter is basically the same, while the glass-lined condenser The liquid outlet of the device is at the bottom of the container, and the size of the pipe diameter and the air inlet are quite different.

The inlet and outlet of the intercooled ammonia liquid are under the container, while the water inlet and outlet of the glass-lined condenser are not. The vertical type is generally one up and down, and the horizontal type is at one end of the container. In summary, the phase change is a glass-lined condenser, otherwise it is a cooler; the glass-lined condenser has a condensing surface because the gas enters the glass-lined condenser from the upper part, and after the gas enters, all are concentrated on the condensing surface. The upper part, so the baffle should be set left and right to allow the condensed liquid to extend the residence time and continue to cool down.

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