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What is the performance of the glass lined condenser

Time: 2021-01-27

1. Performance of glass-lined condenser

The glass-lined condenser equipment is made by spraying the glaze with high silicon content on the surface of the metal iron tire, and baking it at a high temperature of about 900 ℃ to make the enamel adhere to the surface of the metal iron tire. Therefore, it has the two benefits of similar glass chemical stability and metal strength.

Glass-lined condenser equipment is widely used in reactions, evaporation, concentration, composition, polymerization, saponification, sulfonation, and chlorine in chemical, pharmaceutical, dye, pesticide, organic composition, petroleum, food production and defense industry and other industrial production and scientific research. Chemical, nitrification, etc., to replace stainless steel and non-ferrous metal equipment.

Corrosion resistance: With respect to various concentrations of inorganic acids, organic acids, organic solvents and weak alkalis, they have strong corrosion resistance. However, it does not apply to strong alkalis, hydrofluoric acid, fluoride ion-containing media, and phosphoric acid with a temperature greater than 180°C and a concentration greater than 30%.

Impact resistance: The target of mechanical impact resistance is 220-10-3J. Avoid hard object impact when using.

Insulation: The porcelain surface has passed the severe inspection of the 20KV high voltage test.

Temperature resistance: drastic temperature change, cold shock 110℃, thermal shock 120℃.

2. Use of glass-lined condenser

Note in use:

(1) Beware of metal hard objects falling into the container and bumping the glass-lined condenser.

(2) Try to avoid heating materials when cold tanks, and adding cold materials when hot tanks. Because the temperature is suddenly changed, internal stress is formed, which affects the service life.

(3) Operation work. When using jacketed equipment, pressurize and heat up slowly, usually pass in 0.1MPa (gauge pressure) steam first, hold for 15 minutes, and then slowly increase the pressure and heat up (boosting speed) It is advisable to increase the pressure of 0.1MPa every 10 minutes), when the operating pressure of the tank is stopped, regardless of heating or cooling, it should be carried out within the allowable temperature range.

(4) Discharging: When discharging, if the discharging tube is blocked, such as the discharging valve, the tube shrinking machine, and the discharging tube is blocked, it is quietly poke open with non-metallic objects, and no knocks are allowed.

(5) During use, be careful to prevent acid from entering the jacket to avoid the hydrogen absorption reaction of the metal in the glass-lined condenser layer, which may cause phosphorous explosion in the glass-lined condenser layer.

(6) Cleaning: When cleaning the inside of the tank, metal utensils must not be used, and it is necessary to clean the materials adhered to the inner surface of the tank in time.

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