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What to check when buying a glass lined reactor

Time: 2021-01-22

The glass-lined reactor should be inspected after purchase. This inspection is an important condition to ensure that the equipment can be used normally. It's not that you don't trust the manufacturer, but errors may occur in everything. In order to avoid a lot of trouble in the later period, what items should we check when buying a product? Let me introduce you to the editor below.

1. Internal and external inspections

Whether there is corrosion or abrasion on the inside and outside of the glass-lined reactor; use the naked eye or a magnifying glass to check all the welds, the excessive area of ​​the head and other stress gathering parts for cracks. When necessary, ultrasonic or radiographic inspection can be used to check the weld. Internal quality of the seam; measure the wall thickness. If the measured wall thickness is smaller than the smaller wall thickness of the container, the metallographic inspection should be performed again.

Two, external view

The external inspection of the glass-lined reactor is mainly to see whether there are abnormal phenomena such as cracks, deformation, leakage, and local overheating on the outside of the reactor; whether the accessories are complete, flexible, and reliable; whether the fastening bolts are intact and all tightened; There are no abnormal phenomena such as sinking, tilting, or damage to the anti-corrosion layer. The work of the inspector is mainly for the external inspection of the glass-lined reactor, and it is also a content of the patrol inspection and daily inspection by the operator. External inspections by container inspectors should be carried out at least once a year.

Three, all inspections

In addition to the items for external inspection and internal and external inspections, pressure resistance tests must be carried out, and the non-destructive inspection of the main welds or all welds must be inspected according to the characteristics of the glass-lined reactor. Regarding the glass-lined reactor with low pressure, not flammable, no poisonous gas, and no corrosive medium, if no defects are found, after certain use and inspection, it can be inspected without non-destructive testing.

All the inspection items introduced above are to ensure that the glass-lined reactor is a brand new and qualified product. We can only purchase after the above items are qualified.

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