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New type fin condenser

Standard disc condenser

1. Due to the use of small single-hole openings (180° crossing each other), the fluid resistance is large and the gas distribution is uneven, which is prone to bias flow, which is not suitable for use in high vacuum occasions.

2. The thickness of the single piece is large, the cooling water flow rate is slow, it is easy to scale and the heat exchange efficiency is low.

3. Generally, gaskets of more than 20mm are used, which have large expansion and contraction, easy deformation and low pressure resistance, and are not suitable for vacuum sealing.

New type disc condenser

1. Aiming at the shortcomings of general fin condensers, a new type of fin condenser has been introduced. This equipment can be used in high-vacuum distillation and evaporation devices to improve pressure drop and solve problems such as easy leakage.

2. The thickness of the single piece is reduced, and the flow rate of the cooling water is increased; the six-hole design is adopted, and the fluid distribution is even. Compared with the standard condenser of the same area, the heat transfer efficiency is increased by more than 50%, and it is not easy to scale.

3. Using 10mm thick gasket, small expansion and contraction, high pressure resistance, suitable for high vacuum sealing.

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